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RVs Part 1 – Decisions, Decisions

Makes you want to be there, huh?

Makes you want to be there, huh?

We’ve decided to provide a little insight on what is probably the most important decision a potential full-time RVer can make.  What kind of RV am I going to buy?  I mean, it is going to be your home, right?  It’s also one of the biggest investments you might make in your entire life, exceeded, probably, only by your sticks and bricks home.  It’s a big deal.  No offense to the full-timers out there but I don’t suspect they are the ones to ask for advice.

We don’t say that because they lack knowledge or because they don’t have a keen sense for the pros and cons of a particular model or even many models.  No, we say that because they’ve made their decision.  They have found the RV that’s right for them for whatever reason.  You and us, the aspiring RV buyer, will have our own preferences and criteria.  We need to pick our future home based on our needs not those of someone else. What we intend to do here is provide a discussion of the various types of RVs used by the full-timer community, their advantages and disadvantages and so on. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Pleasant RV Dreams



Is this just an excuse to post?  A quick Merry Christmas and all that?  Well, yes and no.  Yesterday Jen and I went to town to get new tires on our sons’ truck.  That left Jen and I with some time as we waited.  We tend to do our RV dreaming either on the front porch when the weather permits or when we’re in the car alone and something gets us talking about RVing.  You know, like single digit temperatures, snow and fun stuff like that.

Winter always seems to get us in the mood to dream but as our time to actually doing this RVing thing moves closer (two and a half years can just fly by), we’re talking real plans now.  Like our change in attitude about RVing in general, we both seem to have settled on a plan of action somewhat independently.  Today, we did the whole, “Here’s what I was thinking….,” and “Really, me too,” thing.  Great minds… Continue reading

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