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Still Kicking!

We haven’t gone anywhere, promise!  Busy time of year.  Our annual trip to Jamaica came to an end about three weeks back.  We sold the old Jeep and bought a new one at the end of March.  We’ve got one son, Henry, playing baseball and the other, Owen, in track.  Henry, the oldest, is graduating this spring and going into the Marines.  Recruiters, medical records, a trip to MEPS, whew!  And to top it all off, the leach line on out septic system died so we get to put in another one.  The joys of owning a home!

But all that has reminded us exactly why we want to hit the road.  We know RVing isn’t all Guns n Roses…or is that wine and roses? ;)… but even out relatively quiet semi-retired life out in the country can get busy and stressful.  We want simplicity.  We want peace and quiet.  No school, no ceremonies, no sports (well we might miss seeing the boys play but not the rest of it), no home repairs, no yard work (that’s coming soon), blah, blah, blah.

We promise to get back on schedule and finish our choosing an RV series.  But the Jeep was a first step.  That is part of the plan, something you know if you’ve been reading.  For several reasons, we decided to buy it now instead of later.  We love it.  It’s a great vehicle and with the modification we plan to make to it, the Jeep will take us on many exciting adventures.  In the mean time, her she is:

ur 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.  Click the picture for more information on my other blog, flyfishnevada.com

Our 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Click the picture for more information on my other blog, flyfishnevada.com

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Happy New Year!

Does that suck or what?  I hate winter.  Luckily that three years old.  We don't even own that care anymore.   Even so, I want to be in San Diego or Florida or Arizona or...

Does that suck or what? I hate winter. Luckily that’s three years old. We don’t even own that car anymore. Even so, I want to be in San Diego or Florida or Arizona or…

Well, I’m back.  I mostly survived the Holidays.  Everyone in my family got sick except me (knock on wood), my dad and my nephew’s fiance.  Neat!  Other than that, it was enjoyable.  Ate way too much but that’s part of the fun is it not?  Anyway, it’s back to business and time to begin forging ahead.

I’d planned a series of posts about selecting RVs.  The ins and outs, the pros and cons, of the various types.  But then, Jen and I had a conversation.  We’d both love to get a fancy class A and a Jeep to tow behind it but what if we couldn’t.  Were saving money to help out but what if things happen and that doesn’t work out?  What then.  Neither of us are willing to abandon this dream.

So we discussed what we could live with Continue reading

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Why the #@&%$ Would You Do That?

Even this view gets old after a while.

Even this view gets old after a while.

Inevitably, the question we tend to get when we tell people about our decision to live life on the road is “why?”  Some people think we live in paradise already, and in some ways we do.  Others can’t understand why we would want to be nomads.  Yet more people can’t imagine life without a big house and lots of stuff.  There was a time we couldn’t understand that stuff either.

But things happen in life that change your views on things and we’ve had our share. Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Blog!

I never thought this would be me.  Neither did Jen, my wife.  That’s us right down there:

Dan & Jen

Dan & Jen McMartin

We both thought we’d stay in our current home, the one we built in 2001 in Smith Valley, Nevada, forever.  Five acres and 2400 sq feet surrounded by alfalfa fields and sagebrush, mountain views in every direction…heaven, right?  Well, yes and no.  We’ve got a big mortgage, lots of chores to maintain the place and we’re isolated from friends.  Not how we wanted to spend our retirement.  No regrets, however, it’s a great place and a fine house to raise kids in but it’s not where we want to retire anymore.

We want a motorhome and a Jeep.  That’s our dream anyway.  We say so every time some lucky SOB drives by in a rig like that towing a Jeep.  “Livin’ the dream,” is our mantra but that RV blog title was taken so I came up with “Midlife on Wheels”.  So, why the change in plans?  For a lot of reasons.  The big house is too big and too much work.  We live in the middle of nowhere, which is nice in some ways but not in others.  We want to travel too and we figure why have a huge house and the payment sitting empty half the time.  We’re going to be living on my pension.  It’s enough but with the expense of a sticks and bricks house, we wouldn’t have much left to travel.


My current Jeep that will likely be replaced before we head out on the road.

So after much talk of moving to a smaller house and what we wanted to do when the kids were gone, Jen and I almost simultaneously started to get curious about RVing.  We were both hesitant to tell the other.  We’d both said that lifestyle wasn’t for us many times.  But it is for us and one of us finally said as much and the other was like, “No way, me too!”   And so we started discussing it.  I’m a Jeep guy so we had to have one of those and we both liked motorhomes instead of 5th wheels and big pickups.  A dream was born.

So when do we leave?  Well, we’ve got two boys, Henry who’s 17 as of this writing and graduates in 2014 and Owen who’s 15 and leaves the nest in 2016.  I’ll only be 50 and Jen a few years younger (I’m not telling, sorry).  So were leaving in 2016 theoretically.  I know, I know.  What’s an RV blog without the RV, without the amazing trip reports, pictures and stories?  Well, I’ve read many blogs and follow quite a few religiously. One thing I’ve learned is that getting our of the house and onto the road is half the journey.

So, you get to come along for the entire ride.  From planning, purchase, downsizing, transition and finally leaving convention behind for a life on the road.  We’ve got about 3 years or so to do it.  I’ll try to update this at least once a month as we prepare and more often as we get close.  This is for posterity.  Kind of a scrapbook for us and a road map for others who might be thinking of doing the same thing someday.  It will be fun and we’re sure things won’t turn out the way we think today and by the end we will have learned a ton of stuff.  We’re looking forward to it.  Hope you come along for the ride.

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