Dan & Jen

Dan & Jen McMartin

Hi, we’re Dan & Jen and we’ve been married since 1994.  We have two boys who are nearly ready to get kicked out of the nest.  We currently live in Smith Valley, Nevada but before 2002 we lived in Carson City, Nevada.

Dan is retired from the Nevada Department of Transportation where he worked as a…well, who really cares?  Now, Dan is a writer who has several self published titles to his name.  He enjoys fishing, photography, beer, cigars and scotch.

Jen currently works from home as a contractor running the State of Nevada’s waste water treatment certification program.  She will retire from that when Owen graduates in 2016.  Jen enjoys scrapbooking, the outdoors and reading.

Together, we enjoy traveling, movies and just hanging out together.  Ah, how cute!  We hope you join us on out adventure as we seek to break the bonds of conventional living and head out on the open road to live our dreams.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog and it appears that we have a lot in common…except we live in Central Florida! We bought a Class C a little less than a year ago when we realized that we couldn’t travel with our dog, TSA is not canine friendly and I wouldn’t put her through that! We will probably never be full timers, but as retirement draws nearer we find we take more frequent trips. Anyway, I will follow along and invite you to follow us~ cindieb.wordpress.com ~Cindie

  2. Hi Dan and Jen
    I really enjoy reading your blog and so . . . ta da! . . a Liebster Award:

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